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Get the best out of your Home remodel project. Design & Build Extraordinary Homes is a passion for our remodeling experts. Be it traditional or contemporary style, our specialists are well versed with the latest trends in the home remodeling industry. Exceeding clients expectations with quality planning and timely completion is what the whole team thrives upon.

Contemporary Home Remodeling Contractors

Contemporary Home Remodeling

Contemporary and Latest materials, Home design trends, styles and space planning expertise of our people involved is prominently distinguishable in the Homes remodeled by our team. Micro detailing and finer workmanship ensure clients get the best and long lasting end results, this has enabled our associates get regular references for Home remodeling.

Best Home Remodeling Contractors

Customized Home Remodeling

Get on-site consultation on your Home remodeling process from start to finish with experts in the industry. Have a clear picture on all the aspects from design, planning, material selection, scheduling etc, before you actually start. This ensures a smoother progress and completion making the whole Home remodeling process enjoyable and memorable.

Work Process


1. Connect

Fill our contact form HERE and explain in detail about your exact requirements & preferences.

2. Get experts suggestion

Discuss with industry experts who have tons of real life experience. Get clear picture even before you start.

3. Understand Scope - Budget - Duration - Terms

Take detailed and transparent estimate for your home project with itemized cost, completion time line and terms.

4. Start - Go

After you study, understand, satisfy and finalize - we can start off with the actual project work.

5. Monitoring & Updates

Milestones based reporting with site photos will keep you relaxed through out the project completion.

Best Home Remodeling Solutions

Unique Home Renovation

Our artistic Home remodeling and design approach with unparalleled construction techniques has variety of styles from Old World, French styled to the latest minimalist and contemporary home architecture. This unique feature serve widest client requirements for their dream Homes. Get in touch for quick consultation on your complete home remodel project.

Complete kitchen remodel Services

Total Kitchen Remodeling Service

Check from the many kitchen remodeling options made available by our expert kitchen design team that match your exact preference. Beautiful kitchens designed and meticulously built by trained craftsman. A combination of traditional workmanship and use of latest materials ensure you get perfect low maintenance and long lasting kitchen to enjoy working there.

Home construction Vastu experts

1000's of Kitchen Designs To Select

We value your taste, hence have a huge collection of kitchen designs and plans to match your preferred style and exact requirements. In case you do not find what you want, our kitchen designers are eager to understand your needs and incorporate them in the new layout they will prepare for you. Your satisfaction is our focus while making your dream kitchen.

1000+ Home Construction Floor Plans

Functional & Inviting Kitchens

Inviting kitchen design & plan of this latest kitchen remodel project impress you from the start. Every minute aspect of kitchen requirement is incorporated meticulously in the design phase itself. Open space planning gives this kitchen an additional advantage of total flexibility in managing internal storage arrangements as required with ease for you.

Home Construction Cost

Complete Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling cost per Sq ft mostly depends on finishing materials used, since the price of basic item is usually fixed and cannot be altered, for example like tiles, plumbing fittings etc. For a thumb rule for standard calculation the range is $ 180 to $ 300 Per Square Foot of the floor area. Connect with us for a no obligation exact quote for your Bathroom Remodel.

Home Construction Process

2018 Latest Home Remodel Trends

Minimalistic and Contemporary design with sleek and straight lines along with the use of durable yet lighter and appealing materials and subdue color tones is the latest and most happening trends in home remodeling industry across the regions today. Also, creative designers experiment with natural material elements to give that dash of traditional touch.

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Design & Build - Home Remodeling
Experts advice and suggestions
Expert's Suggestions

Get personalized suggestions for your complete home remodeling requirement.

Complete documentation support
Proper Documentation

Get clear, Specific & Measurable written scope of works, before you start your project.

In time completion of projects
Timely Completion

We respect your time, hence, constantly monitor your project for timely completion.

Carol S
Customer Rating: 5 reviews

Professional & Courteous people with sound subject knowledge and talent.

Customer Rating: 4.7reviews

Our complex work was done pretty well, and also completed quick.

Dennis M
Customer Rating: 4.5 reviews

His workmanship is outstanding and also materials used were high quality. Great job done, in time.

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Question And Answers

How much does it cost to remodel a home?

For basic cost of home remodeling project is around $ 140, Modest $ 180, Premium $ 260 & For Luxury $ 450 per square feet or Sq Ft.

Can I save on my Home remodeling cost?

Yes, you can choose low cost yet long lasting finishing products & materials for reducing the overall cost of your Home remodel project.

What is the average Per Sq Ft Cost of Home remodeling?

$ 140, Average cost of Home remodeling Per Sq Ft differs from state to state you can approach few Home remodeling contractors to check on the latest pricing.

What is the right time to approach contractors for Home remodeling?

Once you decide and get an approval for Home remodeling project from the concerned authorities, you can approach Home remodeling or general contractors.

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